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How to make an illuminated wall sign with a vacuum former

How to make an illuminated wall sign with a vacuum former

Use your laser cutter and vacuum former to create an illuminated wall sign showcasing your logo.

Traditionally, wall signs or other illuminated logos can be quite expensive. But with a laser cutter, a vacuum former, and some tinkering you can make your very own!

A laser cutter gives you a lot of creative options, because you can cut and engrave a wide range of materials. This means you can engrave decorations on the front plate and cut out places for the lighting to shine through, depending on the material of the front plate.

You can then use your vacuum forming machine to make a cover for the lights in the shape of your design. Use the parts you cut out of the front plate as moulds for vacuum forming and you can create a fully customised sign!




  • Cut your design out of the front plate material using a laser cutter.
  • Take the cut-outs of your design and use them as a mould for vacuum forming.
  • Use a 0.5 mm HIPS sheet to form the shape over the mould.
  • Cut off any excess HIPS material, but keep a border around your design so the shape stays in place and does not fall through the front plate.
  • Attach the shape to the back of the front plate.
  • Add LED lights or strips to the back so your design is properly lit. Make sure they are attached well so they don’t fall out.
  • If necessary, add an attachment system so your sign can be hung on a wall.

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