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Introducing the FORMART 2: the ultimate all-in-one vacuum former for your home or maker space. Thanks to its fast heating element, large working area and built-in vacuum pump, this vacuum forming machine is a complete solution. No need for connecting vacuum cleaners or other clunky setups. Beginners and professionals alike will be able to create freely with our FORMART 2, thanks to its user-friendly design and built-in features.

mould releasing

cooling system

material detection

pressure sensor

FORMART 2 special features

Automatic mould releasing

With its built-in directional valve, the FORMART 2 will automatically blow cooling air after vacuum forming, which allows you to remove the mould more easily.

Automatic material detection

The FORMART 2 vacuum former has the world’s first plastic sheet identification sensor. All working parameters are loaded in an instant by scanning the QR code on the MY YARD material.

Fast cooling system

The built-in dual brushless fans will cool your object fast and greatly enhance your productivity.

Built-in vacuum sensor

Three suction modes, stepless pressure adjustment.

FORMART 2’s built-in vacuum sensor allows you to define the suction force at any level. This maximises the flexibility of mould material selection.

Other features

Largest workspace in the desktop market

18.50 inch x 10.63 inch
These cutting-edge vacuum forming machines boast the largest work area for a desktop vacuum former and a unique size-switching function. You can adjust the size of the work area, minimising any unnecessary waste.
The 18.50 x 10.63 inch work area gives you plenty of creative space, from delicate earrings to expansive lampshades.

Quick-lock & stop at any height

The patented quick-locking frame allows you to lock the plastic sheet immediately by turning the handle.
In addition, the frame can be stopped at any height, so you can quickly put in the next sheet without removing your forming object, which is really efficient!

Unique suction control technology

Our FORMART 2 not only provides great suction power, it also gives you the ability to control the vacuum level.

The FORMART 2 has industrial-grade suction power up to -90 kPa, but it also has integrated vacuum sensors and flow control technology that allows you to define the ideal vacuum level for your project.

Don't worry if you are not a professional user, FORMART 2 offers three intelligent suction modes. Just press the button and our vacuum forming machine will take care of the complicated parameters for you.

Fastest heating speed

Thanks to their industrial-grade carbon fibre quartz heating tube, our vacuum formers heat up three times faster than our competitors! The even heating ensures the forming quality is as good as professional machines.

Built-in preheating program

The built-in preheating process significantly improves the forming quality and allows more materials to be formed, making our FORMART 2 suitable for a large variety of materials.

Complete materials database

The FORMART 2 has the most complete built-in database for materials. Whether you’re using original or third-party plastic sheets, the FORMART 2 can handle it. In addition, it is capable of storing up to five sets of user settings, allowing you to customise your working parameters.

Unique plastic sheet dehumidifying

Our FORMART 2 has a built-in plastic sheet dehumidification function. This automatically removes moisture from your plastic sheet and prevents air bubble defects during forming.

How does vacuum forming work?

Select the operation mode and task

Insert your material into your FORMART 2

Start the preheating program and raise the frame to warm up the material

Pull the heated material over the object on the forming bed

Wait until the sheet has been pulled tight

Ready! Now you can start bringing your ideas to life




19,76 x 18,27 x 12,28 inch 24.80 x 18.90 x 20.87 inch 24.80 x 18.90 x 20.87 inch
28.22 lb 52,91 lb 55.12 lb
Sheet Thickness
0.01 x 0.12 inch 0.01 x 0.12 inch 0.01 x 0.12 inch
Sheet Size
1 size
12 x 8 inch
4 sizes
19.75 x 12 inch
16,5 x 12 inch
12 x 12 inch
12 x 8 inch
4 sizes
19.75 x 12 inch
16,5 x 12 inch
12 x 12 inch
12 x 8 inch
Pump Type
AC induction pump DC brushless pump +
AC induction pump
DC brushless pump +
AC induction pump
3.5” 480 x 320 Full Color LCD 3.5” 480 x 320 Full Color LCD 3.5” 480 x 320 Full Color LCD
Heater Type
Quartz heater tubes,
temperature range 140 - 446 °F
Quartz heater tubes,
temperature range 140 - 446 °F
Quartz heater tubes,
temperature range 140 - 446 °F
Suction Mode
-90 kPA
Flow rate adjustable
-90 kPA
3 steps selectable
-90 kPA
Pressure adjustable
Power Supply
100 - 120 V AC @ 800 W
220 - 240 V AC @ 800 W
100 - 120 V AC @ 1500 W
220 - 240 V AC @ 1700 W
100 - 120 V AC @ 1500 W
220 - 240 V AC @ 1700 W
Other features
CNC wooden forming bed Alert speaker
  • Auto sheet detector
  • Auto-mold releasing
  • Built-in Pressure Sensor
  • Dual cooling fans
  • Alert speaker
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